Rules for the Games

  • Portfolio Freedom

    1. The aim of the game is to create a flexible portfolio for yourself that can be changed within certain constraints and within the timeframe of the game.
    2. Pick any(either 1 or 2 or 3 or 4) of the Crypto-currencies/stocks. Select an Up or a Down type on them. This step is called Taking Positions.
    3. If you select just one stock, you have taken one Position. If you select two, you have taken two positions and so on. The direction of the position can either be Up(A green symbol pointing up) or Down(A red symbol pointing down)
    4. You have been provided 10000 credit points. Assign some credit points to each of the stocks/Crypto-currencies you have picked, so that their sum is not greater than 10000. In case you try to assign credits more than what is available to you, a warning will prompt on your screen.
    5. You have to then join the game. You can change the stocks/crypto-currencies and their credits as many times as you want until the game has not started. Once the games start, your choices will get locked and now changing your choices would mean entering or exiting positions. Mind you, you can only make a maximum of Four Positions.
    6. You gain Positive points when the price of the selected stock/crypto-currency moves in your direction. So the price of the one you selected Up must increase and for the one you selected Down must decrease for you to gain positive points. You gain negative points if UP decreases and Down increases.
    7. Once the selected stock has performed according to your expectations or if you think you are taking a loss and the position is not working for you, you are free to exit that position.
    8. Exiting your position frees the credit you had assigned to that stock. Now you can assign the free credit to another position you want to create, if you have not already taken Four positions.
    9. You are allowed to create a Maximum of Four Positions, either all at once or one after another or whichever way you deem suitable. Once a total of four positions have been taken, you can’t create new positions but you can exit the ones you are already holding.
    10. Points Gained = percentage change in the price of the selected stock/crypto-currency for the duration of holding, multiplied by the assigned credit to that stock/crypto-currency.
    11. The person with maximum credit points wins and so on.

  • Window of Truth

    1. The aim of the game is to predict the closing price of a particular index within a certain window size.
    2. Pick an index(Either Nifty or NiftyBank) that you want to play in.
    3. Select a comfortable window size, within which you think the Index will close for the day.
    4. The smaller the window size you select, the greater is the reward. The larger the window size of your selection, the smaller the reward is. Simply because a prediction within a small window size is more accurate. The game rewards accuracy.
    5. Provide either an upper limit or a lower limit of the index value which you think the market will end within. If you provide an upper limit the lower will get automatically filled depending on your selected window size. If you provide the lower limit, the upper will get automatically filled in accordance with the selected window size.
    6. Select the amount you want to play the game with and then join the game.
    7. For you to win the contest, the market must end within the upper and lower values of your selection. If the market ends either higher than your selected upper limit or lower than your selected lower limit, you lose the contest.
    8. You must join the game as early as possible for maximum rewards. Predicting the closing price well in advance is difficult and hence the rewards are higher. As the closing of the day approaches it gets easier to predict the closing and hence rewards go on diminishing.