Earning from Stocks & Crypto was never soo much fun!

“ FanFolium has the best games for Stock Market & Crypto. And I love earning prizes without even having a demat account. "



Why FanFolium?

Trade or Game?

A unique blend of both, different from any so far in the market.

Calculated Risks

Unlike the real markets, the risks are only as big as the pool fees.

Paper Trading or Real trading?

A bridge to gradually move from paper trades into real trades.

Flexible Portfolio Games

Unlike every other portfolio games out there, one can actually manage one’s portfolio in live games.

Time-dependent Indices Games

First to bring rewards varying with time and market conditions

Anytime Withdrawal

Your money is not blocked. Withdraw it anytime you want.

What is Fanfolium?

Fanfolium is a bridge that helps novice starters turn into actual traders.

Our Purpose: To shield you from direct exposure to stocks, crypto and indices. Our games will give you an idea of where you stand as a trader without you having to take humongous losses directly in the financial markets.

Our Endgame: To witness a world where people don’t enter into the traps of financial markets but don’t stop experiencing the thrill of it either.




Weekly Games

₹ 1,25,000+



How to Play

Multiple game styles, both free and paid games.


Sign-up to see the available games.

Pick a Game

Pick either a solo game or a pool game or both to play.

Make Your Predictions

Make a prediction about the day's closing in solo. Make a portfolio and manage it for the duration of the game in pools.

Win Prizes!

End the day either with rewards or with experience or both.

Celebrate & Share

Be a happy customer and share your experience.Invite family and friends to Fanfolium.

Pricing & Charges

  • ✅ No hidden charges except the joining fees of the games.
  • ✅ Win up to 40 times the entry fees in solo indices games.
  • ✅ No limits on winning in pools. The bigger the pool, the greater are the winnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best way to make money is to invest or trade in the real markets. Agreed. But that is also the best way to lose all your wealth. If you have a plan you think works on the real market, it’s better to try them out where the punishment isn’t as severe and the dangers aren’t of your capital getting wiped. 98% of people lose money in the markets. And they lose heavily. Before you have attained an expertise, it’s better to play it safe with less stress and great rewards. Or even if you are an expert, you could always test your skills and enjoy, all while making money.

You can paper-trade. It's a great way to learn. The problem is you feel no disappointment, anger, frustration, betrayal, sadness when you’re wrong in a paper trade. In the real markets, all these feelings will overwhelm you and will force you to make many, many mistakes. There is an extremely good chance you will wipe out your initial capital within the first 90 days, if you haven’t faced your true self. Games on Fanfolium will make you familiar with these feelings. Besides, it's fun.

Nothing is exactly like the real markets. Fanfolium though, has designed games specifically to get a closer feel of the real markets. As of now, we have a portfolio game that helps you understand your own portfolio management abilities. And a Solo game dedicated to a better understanding of the movement of Indices. Many games are still being thoroughly researched by our team to keep you interested.

We allow every contestant to see what others are doing. Breaking down their entry points and credits. That gives you an idea of why the winner turns out to be the winner. You get to learn from them. More than anything you also understand what you did wrong.

Because of restrictions from SEBI about disseminating live stock prices we have kept the games only on the Crypto markets and ind indices. With time when we grow in abilities and reach, we plan to bring games on Stocks as well.

No. The solo games are designed only so you compete against yourself and no other. All you need to do to win a solo game is make reasonable predictions about indices.

In solo games, we calculate the risk of predicting the closing price of the day. The risk depends on market conditions, time remaining for the closing and the size of the window of prediction. Bigger risks mean bigger rewards. As a general rule, predicting the closing well in advance will get maximum rewards.
In pool games, the rewards will depend upon the number of contestants joining the pool and the entry fee. Larger number of contestants and bigger entry fees would mean greater rewards. Generally, a reward will be destined for each pool game before the game starts. The rewards will however be liable to change depending on the actual number of contestants in the live games.