About FanFolium

You ever wondered if there’s so much money in the stock markets why isn’t everybody rich? Probably because it’s sort of gambling. You never know which way the prices are headed. Those who make money out of it are just lucky. Right? Yes, partly.

You can be lucky only for so long. At some point, skill must enter the scene. It’s not easy. Those who make money out of it have ridden through fire to be finally able to do it. But you don’t have to. You shouldn’t lose all your wealth and peace before finally understanding how you were getting constantly trapped into losing money. How greed entices you. How fear compels you.

But then how would you learn? Without rewards for a plan well executed? Without punishment for a repeating mistake? You will not, in all honesty. You can paper-trade all you like, but if there’s no risk of penalty, if there’s no fear of loss, you won’t grow; you won’t learn.

And this is where we come in. No punishment should be disproportionate to the crime. The Games on Fanfolium have been designed to be engaging and to simulate the fear and greed that you experience while trading in live markets. You will mostly lose in these games, until you have mastered the art of reading a chart or a fundamental analysis or a sentiment analysis or anything for that matter that gives you an edge- just the same as in the real markets. But you won’t lose all your wealth; you won’t go broke; you won’t end up regretting your life’s decisions. Because all the while you’d be losing less and learning more. And having fun. So Come, Enjoy.